Pro-Diem, Inc. is pleased to announce that we have an easy online service to gather your flight data. This service allows you to verify your address, pay and submit data in a streamlined manner on our web site.  You can  to do this all in one place from your secure account with Pro-Diem, Inc.



What we need: Final Crew Pay Registers


Be sure to let us know if you do not actually do what your flight data sheets say you are doing. For example, if you commute but layover in your hometown and go home for the night. 


PLEASE NOTE!  We no longer take paper snail mailed or PDF submissions.  Your airline provides an excellent digital format and that is what we need to process your report.

DO NOT  SNAIL MAIL OR PDF  DOCUMENT.  We will not be able to use it.   It must be in a .doc, .rtf, .xls  or WIDGET format   Need assistance doing this?  Call us!


Data Submission Options:  What you can do to get flight info to us:








Option 1.  

We have a GREAT Way to save your data to send to us!  

Try our Pro-Diem, Inc. Data Widget!  We have created a small program to assist you in creating your file.  It copies and pastes your flight data for you and creates a file that you can upload to us.  It downloads quickly for newer computers but may have a longer download time for older computers but will definitely make the process easier!   Just download the file and then close everything and look for it on your desktop.  You can then click on it and follow the instructions.   You won't need to copy and paste, it will do all of the work for you. We have made it easy for you!



You can then click on it and follow the instructions. You won't need to copy and paste, it will do all of the work for you. We have made it easy for you!



  To download or upgrade the data widget or get help, click on one of the following:

2016 Widget is Ready to Copy!!



If you do not have windows on your MAC, call our office and we will connect
you to the remote PC to run the data widget.


Option 2  Copy and paste data into a word document.

We highly encourage you to use the Pro Diem Data Widget as it can help you copy/paste your flight data into a file for you. If you are unable to use the data widget then you can copy/paste your crew pay registers into a word document. You can then log in to your account online and submit to us by clicking on the file upload tab at the top of your online account. 



Option 3.  Pro Diem will no longer be accepting submissions via snail mail for Continental/United crew members as our online submission system is designed to assist you even if you are not computer savvy. Please do not snail mail your flight data, if you need help, please call our office and we can assist you with submitting your data online.


If you are retired or have extenuating circumstances, please contact our office and we will make exceptions as necessary.











If you do not have a "Non Taxable" amount of per diem paid to you listed on your W-2, this doesn't mean that you don't have to claim it on your taxes.   The amount is not required by law to be listed by your airline on the W-2, but it is required by law that you subtract the non taxable amount paid to you from what we calculate.  You may need to locate the amount on a year end paycheck or add the non taxable per diem amounts for each paycheck received for the year. 


For example if you are claiming January 1 - December 31 actual flying - you will need the paychecks received during that time period.  That means: look on the paychecks for your flying December 1 of the previous year to end of November and add those amounts up!   Likewise if you claim your actual expense for the Dec. 1 previous year through November you will still look on the paychecks for your flying December 1 of the previous year through the end of November.


For those of you at Continental, we have been informed by your payroll department the following regarding location of non taxable per diem amount:


To assist you in locating your non taxable per diem paid for purposes of placing it on Form 2106, please try the following.  Look on left hand side of your 12/31 paycheck.  You  will see that it clearly states "per diem".  This is the non taxable per diem amount, even though it doesn't specifically say so.  If you had any taxable per diem it would be listed as "taxable" per diem.


IMPORTANT NOTE!!   If you choose to add you non taxable amounts from your payroll registers the amount listed as your non taxable perdiem may not be your only non taxable perdiem.  Continental payroll department  has told me that the amount listed a few lines below the non taxable per diem listed as "Intl PD"  is also non taxable per diem and needs to be added to the non taxable per diem amount.  Crazy, but true. 





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