Pilots – US Air/East pilots now have access to the same flight data as American Pilots. Please click on the link below to be taken to the American Pilots page.

American Pilots


Flight Attendants – Unfortunately, US Air/East flight attendants do not yet have access to your flight data in JetNet. Because your flight data is only available for about 3 months after you fly, it is important that you keep your records for the year. You will still need to fill out a log via one of the methods below. Once you have access to your Sequence History in JetNet let us know and you will be able to use the same options as American Flight Attendants!


We offer the following methods for data submission for your airline. Little red log books and hand written notes are not accepted.

Option 1

Fill in our Microsoft Excel Log. For those of you who prefer to keep your data in a file on your computer we offer a log for Microsoft Excel. Click on the button below and choose “Save” when prompted. We recommend saving the file somewhere on your computer where you can find it again easily, i.e. your desktop. Please rename the file something unique to you, such as your last name and the tax year. Once your log is complete you can submit it to us by logging into your Pro-Diem, Inc. account and selecting the “Submit Order” tab at the top. After the file is uploaded you will be prompted to make payment. Your payment will put you in the queue for processing.

An active internet connection is not required for this method.

Option 2

Fill in our Electronic Online Log. We have a great one available for you by logging in to your own secure account with us. If you have not registered an account with us online, it is a simple process. Once you have logged in you will click on the “Log” tab at the top and select log entry from the drop down menu. More detailed instructions for filling out the electronic log will be on the log entry page.


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These are the flight data submission options for US Airways/East Pilots & Flight Attendants.

Please contact our office at (817) 421-8389 if you have further questions.