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The #1 choice of Crew Members for Per Diem Calculation!

Don’t give up your hard earned tax break! If you itemize on your taxes, we can help you save hundreds or even thousands off your tax bill by using our service to calculation your travel expenses correctly.


If you are a pilot or flight attendant for a major airline and paid a per diem, your allowable meal and incidental expenses were probably much greater than the per diem you were paid. The IRS has determined, through Federal Revenue Procedures, that persons in the aviation industry are allowed to deduct, without reciepts, an allowance for meals & incidental expenses up to a specified maximum rate for each city per day. The international rates are often 2-4 times more than what you were actually paid in per diem. Because it is almost impossible to keep receipts, using this method is the best way for pilots and flights attendants to determine how much they can deduct for their per diem allowance.


We make it easy!

Using our sophisticated computer program, we will calculate your maximum allowed meal & incidental expenses (per diem amount) and supply you with a detailed report indicating, leg by leg, exactly what you are allowed to claim on your taxes. We DO give free audit support if you used our per diem calculation on your original tax form because we know we are calculating your exact allowance. No cheesy online lookup of just dates and layovers, which can possibly short you hundreds of dollars of your per diem in the long run. We use your flight times so we can stretch out your actual allowance to give you the most you can claim – to the penny!

Our fee is only $59.00 and includes free audit support when using our numbers on your original tax filing, if needed. If you are in audit and need your per diem calculated correctly by us for your audit, we charge an additional $800.00 per tax year and accept requests on a case by case basis as time allows. It is a time consuming process to help correct other per diem companies’ mistakes. Rest easy knowing your report was done correctly and has the backing from a legitimate company and not a fly by night internet app.


If you have questions we are here to talk
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We understand each of the different airlines inherent issues and make sure that your per diem report is correct. We understand time conversions between Local and Zulu, daylight savings times, date line issues, flight rules, and partial day rules. We are knowledgeable on training issues and rules regarding ground times and layovers which are additional considerations that require expertise when calculating these expenses. We will even call you if we think you are missing information because we care about doing your per diem report correctly.


Company Services

Pro-Diem, Inc.’s online service has been a huge success with crew members. We have created software to gather your flight information quickly and painlessly to submit to us for your per diem calculation. We do not need your user name or passwords. Our Pro-Diem data widget allows you to log in and then does the copy and pasting of data for you. Our online service allows crew members to submit data, verify address, and make payment in a streamlined manner on our web site. Our staff is always happy to help those of you who need assistance or are not computer savvy. We even offer “remote” service help for free. We will make it easy for you when you call!

Check for your airlines’ specific instructions by clicking here or on the Airlines Served link at the top of this page.

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If you do not have windows on your MAC, call our office and we will connect you to the remote PC to run the data widget.

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Audit Support

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”   –   Ben Franklin

We can no longer continue to bail out all of the tremendous numbers of crew members who come to us in audit for help because they used a less knowledgeable per diem service that supplied them with inaccurate reports and no audit support.  As a result, we have had to increase our audit fee and will only take new audits on a case by case basis at the owner of Pro-Diem’s discretion.

Beginning January 01, 2018 we have instituted an $800.00 charge per year, in addition to the $59 report processing fee, if you DID NOT use our service for your original calculation on your tax return and need us to calculate your correct per diem and help you with your audit.  Of course, there is NO charge for audit support if you used Pro-Diem’s calculation on your original tax return.

Please click on Audit Support for more information.

Thank you for using Pro-Diem the first time! We know you will be glad you did!


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