Now, more than ever, it is important to use a precise calculation of your client’s per diem allowance when claiming it as a tax deduction. The Internal Revenue Service has specific requirements for substantiating this deduction and has become aggressive in scrutinizing how the amounts have been calculated. We take the liability off of you for incorrect or under-estimated calculations.

Your clients will appreciate you looking out for their best interests (and wallets) by using Pro-Diem, Inc. The #1 Per Diem Calculation service in the nation!

Utilizing the services of Pro-Diem, Inc. ensures your calculation is accurate and will satisfy the IRS requirements.

Pro Diem’s Services


  • Calculates your client’s maximum allowed meals and incidental expenses.

  • Provides you with a detailed report of your client’s allowed travel expenses.

  • Specializes in per diem rules & calculations. 

  • Provides free audit support of your client’s calculation if ever needed. 

  • Have been in business since 1993 and have a 100% approval rating with the IRS.


We Pride Ourselves on Being a
Tax Preparer’s Best Resource!!


Due to the complexity of the Revenue Procedures and their application to a crew member’s flight data, it is very difficult and time consuming for a tax preparer to try to calculate expenses. In order to calculate amounts properly, tax preparers must be familiar with time conversions between Local and Zulu, daylight savings times, flight rules, training issues, commuter issues, and rates for each city around the world. These must be calculated not only for the year involved but specifically for each and EVERY day of the year.

We do not do taxes! We are a data processing company that specializes int he government allowed travel expense deduction for crew members. We are familiar with each airline. We understand how trips work. We understand training and temporary assignments and know which trips can and can not be claimed. We do the time conversions necessary so that your client will receive the accurate partial day allowed. We provide exactly, to the penny, what can be claimed in a format that the IRS can easily verify, assuring 100% approval.

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