Download Fillable Expense List (Excel Spreadsheet)

We provide these suggestions for your column A deductions on form 2106 as a guide only. We try to ensure that these are correct but recommend that you check with your tax consultant for advise as other factors may apply.  Please note: typically, items for uniform expenses must clearly identify you as a crewmember and are not for off duty use.  


Because it can be difficult to keep track of your regular expenses for your flight job, we have created a  handy Flight Expense Log for you to keep track of them in.  Just download it and begin entering your expenses!

(Currently only version for Microsoft Excel user’s is available)

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Have a receipt from a foreign country?  No problem!

  Just use the handy converter to enter date and amount to calculate the amount based on that days exchange rate!


* The Expense Log will keep track of your total dollar  expenses for Column A!

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Currently only Microsoft Excel Version available.  If you do not have Microsoft Excel on your computer it will not work and because it is freeware, it is offered “as is”.  We offer no tech support so please do  not call and ask us for it.    Microsoft works version available soon!


General List of items typically allowed as “other” expense items on form 2106:

  FAA medical exam   Home dry cleaning expenses of uniform
  Passport application fees   Alterations
  Passport photo   Belt
  Foreign visa costs   cleaning / dry cleaning (per week)
  Education fees for second language (check IRS guidelines)   cleaning / laundering (per week)
  Special company assessments (i.e. merger etc.)   Uniform essential clothing 
  Logbook or organizer   Uniform jacket
  Bid service fees  (Do not include services available to the general public, job required)   Uniform pants
  Union dues   Uniform dress
  Cockpit and jet bridge key   Uniform apron/serving clothes
  Company business cards   Uniform sweater
  Headset for cockpit   Uniform skirt
  Corkscrew   Uniform blouse
  Manuals   Uniform tie
  Pager (for job related use)   Uniform hat
  Business related long distance calls   Epaulets
  Pager rental fee (job required)   Scarves
  Flight supplies/equipment   Hat
  Currency converter   Uniform accessories – (airline logo items and wings)
  ATM fees on layovers out of banking area   Safety Shoes
  Safety equipment (job required)   Support hose
  Drug Testing expenses   Repairs of shoes
  Foreign Visa Expenses   Coat
  Professional publications   Garment bag
  Mail expenses (company related)   Luggage
  ID/Badge holder   luggage tags
  Misc work supplies   Portable Alarm Clock
  Kit bag   Portable Blow Dryer
  Flashlight   Portable Door Alarm
  Batteries   Voltage converter
  And new for 2012: 
Transportation between places of lodging or business and places where meals are taken