We have been processing per diem reports for nearly 25 years and have never been disallowed.  This is because we do a true calculation of your exact allowance and provide substantial documentation regarding what was claimed for each and every day of travel.

 “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”   –   Ben Franklin

Audit Support Policy

We can no longer continue to bail out all of the tremendous numbers of crew members who come to us in audit for help because they used a less knowledgeable per diem service that supplied them with inaccurate reports and no audit support.  As a result, we have had to increase our audit fee and will only take new audits on a case by case basis at the owner of Pro-Diem’s discretion.

Beginning July 01, 2019 we have instituted an $500.00 charge per year, in addition to the $59 report processing fee, if you DID NOT use our service for your original calculation on your tax return and need us to calculate your correct per diem and help you with your audit.  Of course, there is NO charge for audit support if you used Pro-Diem’s calculation on your original tax return.

We are sorry we cannot help with state returns other than support our calculations as each states laws vary.  It is the clients responsibility to make sure they can use it and do so correctly.

Thank you for using Pro-Diem the first time!   We know you will be glad you did!