Download Pro-Diem Data Widget Installer

If you do NOT have Windows, please click here.

The Pro-Diem Data Widget is for the following airlines ONLY:
United Parcel Service
All other airlines go to Airlines Served to obtain instructions on how to submit data.


Thanks for choosing the Pro-Diem, Inc. We hope you enjoy our Data Widget. To get started, you will need to install a small program that will assist you in capturing your flight data. Our plug-ins will allow you to collect the data and save it to your computer. PRO-DIEM, Inc. does not collect any personal information, passwords or internet usage information through your use of the plug-ins.

By clicking ‘Start Install’, you agree to the Pro-Diem, Inc. Terms of Service.

(You may need to enable your browser to allow scripts to run from this webpage after clicking ‘Start Install’)

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Instructions, if needed:

Step 1:  Click the “Start Install” button to start the process.

Step 2:  A file download window like the following sample will appear.  Click “OK”.

Click OK to open

Step 3:  The zip folder will be downloaded and opened.  The following folder should appear.  Double click on “Setup”.

Step 4:  A program setup wizard will appear.  Follow the instructions in the wizard to finish installation.

Step 5:  Click “Close” to exit and look for our icon on your desktop to open the program.

By clicking ‘Start Install’, you agree to the Pro-Diem, Inc. Terms of Service.

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