Pro-Diem, Inc. calculates your per diem allowance for your Federal return. Although our report may assist you with your state return, it is your responsibility to know your state guidelines regarding per diem allowance.

Your per diem allowance is an itemized deduction. Our service often help crew members who formerly took a standard deduction begin to take itemize deductions.

Per diem allowance is only calculated on trips that are 12 hours away from base AND have a minimum 5 hour layover.


See information below on how to get started!


1. If you have not done so, register with Pro-Diem, Inc.

Click on the Register menu option above or the button to the right and create a Pro-Diem, Inc. profile. Your profile can be updated as necessary, therefore there is no need to create a new profile each year, when you move, or when you change airlines.

2. Submit your flight data or fill out a Pro Diem flight log

To determine what flight data we need from you, click on the Airlines Served menu option above and select your airline from our list. Each airline page shows multiple options for submitting flight data. Be sure to upload or enter your flight data prior to making payment so that the data & payment are linked together.

3. Make Payment

If you are submitting flight data via a Pro-Diem, Inc. online log, you can make payment but clicking the “Submit Payment” button to the right of your log.

Once you have uploaded a file to the Pro-Diem, Inc. database, you are brought to a shopping cart page. Follow the instructions on how to may your $59 payment via credit/debit card or through a Pay Pal account.

4. Receive your Pro Diem Travel Expense Report via email

Once we receive your flight data or electronic log and your payment it typically takes 24-48 hours for your per diem allowance report to be completed and emailed to you. This turnaround time can increase during high tax season. If you provide us with your tax preparer’s email address in your profile, we will email them a copy as well.


Please call our office if you still have questions we are happy to help!

Thank you for choosing Pro-Diem, Inc., the Travel Expense Experts!