Request 2018 Report for Federal Taxes

We are sorry this will not help you this year unless you live in Alabama, Arkansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Hawaii, New York and California.   We are sorry we are not able to handle the large call volume to explain why.  Please do not call and ask us to.  Contact the IRS or your tax person for information.  

Due to the IRS Tax Reform passed in December 2017,  Pilots and Flight Attendants, will no longer be able to write off their unreimbursed Business Expenses Deductions when filing their Federal 2018 taxes.  We can still help those who are allowed to claim it on their State Taxes and some small business owners who will be allowed to use the business expense deductions when filing their taxes, but it will be up to each individual to make sure that they fall under those exceptions in the IRS Tax Reform ruling.  For a more detailed description of the new Tax Reform please visit  With that being said Pro-Diem, Inc. will not be able to process your 2018 expense report unless you fall into one of those two categories.  We thank you for your loyalty, allowing us to assist you over the years.  We will continue to look for solutions and pursue other ways we can help you.  We will post information and send emails if anything changes.