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A)  If you want our report for your “FEDERAL” return Please click here!

B)  If you are requesting a  Report for “STATE” Taxes, Amendments or special circumstances please click here.

By logging into our site, you are acknowledging that our report now comes “AS IS”.  Because of the varied rules on state taxes and small business expenses etc,  no longer provide audit support than to the extent of our calculations were correct.   Because of the new tax complexities, we do not provide instructions for how to use our calculation and recommend hiring a good tax consultant to assist you.

It will be up to each individual to make sure that they fall under those exceptions in the IRS Tax Reform ruling.  For a more detailed description of the new Tax Reform please visit  www.IRS.gov.  With that being said Pro-Diem, Inc. will not be able to process your 2018 “Federal” expense report.  We thank you for your loyalty, allowing us to assist you over the years.  We will continue to look for solutions and pursue other ways we can help you.  Be sure to check our website for any updates as we will be posting any further information there.

DO NOT  SNAIL MAIL OR PDF  DOCUMENTS.  We will not be able to use them.   Data must be in a .doc, .rtf, .xls  or WIDGET format   Need assistance doing this?  Call us!

What we need for per diem calculation:

UPS pilots have flight data located in their Flight Payroll Registers on Flight Ops. We need all 13 flight payroll registers beginning with the one that contains the December data for the year prior to applicable tax year.

Data Submission Options:

Option 1 (Updated 020/07/2020)

Because your airline does not provide a Schedule Detail in  a yearly format on your company website, you MUST copy EACH  into a word document or our  “Flight Submission File” (Click on link below to open) to upload to us.   Be sure to copy the previous years December thru December of the year you want a report for.    If you need assistance doing this, just call us and we can help you remotely.

Note: We are not responsible for missing or incomplete data. Please make sure that you copy and paste all applicable “Page 2s” of your flight data. Once you have saved the completed flight data file, log in to your Pro-Diem, Inc. account and select the “Submit Order” menu option. Follow instructions to upload the file. After completing the final step of making payment you will be put in the queue for processing.

If you don’t know how to copy and paste Click here for easy instructions!

Click here to download 

Flight Data Submission File

Option 2

Fill in our Microsoft Excel Log. For those of you who prefer to keep your data in a file on your computer we offer a log for Microsoft Excel. Click on the button below and choose “Save” when prompted. We recommend saving the file somewhere on your computer where you can find it again easily, i.e. your desktop. Please rename the file something unique to you, such as your last name and the tax year. Once your log is complete you can submit it to us by logging into your Pro-Diem, Inc. account and selecting the “Submit Order” tab at the top. After the file is uploaded you will be prompted to make payment. Your payment will put you in the queue for processing.

An active internet connection is not required for this method.

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These are the flight data submission options for United Parcel Service Pilots.

Please contact our office at (817) 421-8389 if you have any questions.